A reader’s question.

Dear Dr. Timmy do you have any advice for a poor first year student struggling to come to grips with the first assignment?

Dear struggling student.

It is wonderful you are starting to think about your first assignment and what is needed to get it all done. In this regard I am happy to provide some hints and tips based on observations of students undertaking this sort of field work assignment in the past.
1. Visit a range of places and experiences throughout the semester to build your ‘experience capital’. The more places you look at and critique the better you will become at analysing venues. This will allow you to be more selective when it comes time to select venues for your assignment
2. Be careful of using your favourite coffee shop – some time students in the past have selected venues of convenience and it has not allowed them to provide a strong analysis. Some venues exhibit elements of the theory better than other and this will assist in your writing. Remember, essentially you need to complete and assessment item and selection of your venue is going to assist in how well you can complete this
3. When you first read the assignment there may have been a venue which you automatically thought of, follow your initial instincts and check out this venue
4. Size of the venue. Some student in the past have had difficulty with selecting venues which are too big or too small. Too big will likely mean you have too much to talk about and you will not cover any aspect in sufficient detail. If this is the problem perhaps talk about a ‘place within a place’. Too small will leave you struggling and then you will most likely try and apply theory where it is not really appropriate

I hope this helps with your assignment

Dr. Timmy.

So while Dr. Timmy is dispensing sage advice this is what I am up to.

A quest for


So what did I find?


The beef & red wine. 👍👍👍

Oh yes some other things to tell you.

Remember no tuts this week just the assignment workshop.

And we will finalise groups in week 4