So you bought the text. Are you one of the few that purchased the text in hard copy or did you go for the quick to down load e-book on the new Ipad?


So now you have the book it is time to start stage 2 – yes it is time to open it up and have a read. Note I have been putting this off as well. But now is the time – coffee in hand let’s see what chapter one holds.

The coffee example – watch it as Pine explains his concept

the coffee bean example

Some history – why is Walt Disney such a major player in the history of the experience economy?


Think – how many of the USA examples are you familiar with? Do you need to have a bit of a search on the web to find out a bit more about these companies?

So what are the differences between commodities, goods, services and experiences?

Did you search for things you can make with ductape? It seems a lot of people are out there being ‘crafty’. Maybe is just stuff people do rather than read their Uni texts..

Some what are the first principle of experience staging?

Watch Pine explain it again.

the first principle of experience staging

And Zorbing…….


Have tried this – is fun – like being inside a washing machine.

So them they talk about the progression of economic value – what are they on about?

Here is what Pine said

the progression of economic value

And finally it’s the birthday party example

the very famous birthday party example

So that’s it – chapter one done. Some big concepts…

So wonder what is in chapter two 😴