Why I hate this little guy – Jessica M explains her journey through 200273.


I still have nightmares about Managing Service and Experience. So maybe that is a bit dramatic, but at the time I did think that it was the most boring and useless subject since high school math. During my time doing the subject we had to analyze experiences and I thought this was point less I mean who thinks about experiences in that much depth, and I guess that is why I found the subject so boring. I was one of those students that sat in the back on Facebook not really listening thinking that this is all common sense stuff that I don’t need to know.

However 2 years down the line my eyes have been opened to the need and use for this subject. On a recent trip to Vietnam with Colin and a few other students we where walking through a cave and noticed penguin garbage bins within this cave. To a general person this would seem completely normal, however it is the knowledge from Managing Service and Experience that we knew this did not work, Penguins in a cave, really?? It’s not only strange places like Vietnamese caves that we see things that don’t fit we can see them all around the world. So I know that Colin can sound like a nagger when he says this is important but from someone who has been in your position and knows that you might find it boring, it really is something that you will find useful in your future careers.


Surprise Cave – Vietnam

Jess is a sport management student and Jedi master with chopsticks. ( and it only took a little nagging to have her write this 😊)