It is time to get those twitter accounts working for you.

Engage with the goings on in the unit by following Tim at @DrTimHall and follow Colin (me) at @200273exp

You should have a look back over my account and view who I followed and re twitted – who are the more interesting people. You can even follow one of the authors of the text book. Joe Pine is @joepine

Secondly – there are plenty of UWS sites that provide useful info. Follow them. The library has a useful site @UWSLibrary

Then if you are new to twitter (I was) you are in for a surprise at just how useful it can be. It is not all about boring Uni stuff. There is plenty of good things out there. Start following people or organisations you are interested in. Plenty of what’s on advice, places to go, bands to listen to, things of interest ( both practical and internet weird & wonderful) or just stay up with the celeb gossip.