It has been a steep learning experience

i started this blog for two educational reasons. To accompany the unit I was teachings, 200273 Managing Service and Experience, as a student resource that stood outside the formality of the Uni’s online unit site and personally to learn more about blogging. I found the process of blogging gratifying – what the students made of my ramblings….

But the unit has run its course and will be replaced by a new improved unit. So it is time to call an end to the posting to the blog. I am happy to let it sit here – it remains a valuable trace of my experience. So thanks to all those that took part in my journey through the world of the experience economy.

just remains to quote Douglas Adams



Two articles

interesting to look through my email feed each morning at what various consultants are talking about in relationship to the world of experiences. Two articles caught my eye this morning. Both relate directly to a tutorial exercise that seeks to understand the millennial generation persona and the how to create an experience that appeals.

The first article examines business opportunities give that  millennials have shifted their spending favouring experiences over goods Read Here

The second article looks at one such business opportunity being developed by an Indian start up HeadOut – an app that facilitates ┬áthe on demand purchasing of experiences┬áRead Here